Significantly Revamped Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

Samsung is intended to launch Samsung Galaxy S9 early next year. Since the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, it has just currently arrived on the store shelves and ready to buy, but we have already excitedly waiting for its successor. Closer to the MWC in the first quarter of 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9 and even S9 Plus are expected to be officially unveiled. We are all hoping to see any detail leak of the new design of the future flagship. Sadly, the company doesn’t reveal many things to let us know what they have for their next big thing. Samsung is still keeping all details about their planning for the upcoming handset in secret. However, we have some leaks to help us see through the hidden mystery. Some phenomenon leakers who are well known for their reliability when revealing the Samsung Galaxy S8 are know telling what they got about the S9. Most of the reports of them are explaining about the significantly revamped design of Samsung Galaxy S9. It is the potential name for the upcoming handset which is likely to come with radical changes. If you are too curious to wait until the new flagship is officially unveiled, some reports are showing us what is expected to happen to the design of the S9. Let’s find out!

Totally redesigned Galaxy S9

Some recent reports showing us that Samsung Galaxy S9 will change a lot, especially on the rear of the phone where we usually find the rear shooter and fingerprint sensor. Ice Universe is one of the Chinese Samsung leakers who firstly reveals the significant change in the Galaxy S9 design. This Chinese leaker mysteriously posted on Twitter claiming that there’ll be a substantial change to the rear of the Galaxy S9. We are so excitedly want to know the further explanation of that statement. Sadly, that tweet is leaving us with curiosity and one big question: What does it mean? Well, the rear of the S9 could be the inherent part of the phone to locate the rear shooter and fingerprint sensor which can only be explained by the different camera with the current model. Or maybe, the company will move the fingerprint sensor into the center to make it reachable. Recent rumors also suggest that the next generation of Galaxy S series would come with the excellent dual cameras as seen on the lately released Note 8 or even better than it. Besides the change regarding the fingerprints sensor and camera, it is also suggested to feature a new designed to make it possible for wireless charging.

New Infinity display with in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung has been working on an important project relating to in-display features. Rumors have been around us recently suggesting the company to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the screen of the S9. Regarding this talk, we got some report from The Investor that notes that Samsung seemingly won’t make it for the S9 and it is showing a bit disappointing fact. According to this South Korean publication, the company has been working on an in-display sensor for years. Unluckily, the company is running into some technical difficulties so that it doesn’t run properly. Just because it is not ready to roll out doesn’t mean that the company isn’t working on this in-display fingerprint sensor technology at all. Furthermore, the report even suggests that the company still planning the tech for the next Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera

Many of us always pay more attention to the camera of a phone. Probably that’s why it is appealing to see the potential new design of the S9 camera. Regarding the camera necessity, we got the hottest leaks about the S9 comes from TechDroider. This report is showing us two possible concept images of the upcoming phones. The concept images are showing us that the design looks almost identical as seen on the current generation S8. It is even describing the potentially bad news that the new Samsung flagship would ditch the round headphone jack. Regarding this news, the Ice Universe has the otherwise the fact that the company would still keep the circular port. We are very much interested in the part of this report that mentions the trusted sources telling about the dual cameras of the front and rear of the S9. With the excellent of its potential infinity display, the treatment of the dual cameras to the front and back would make this phone as a great option.

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