Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung is ready to come out all new phones blazing to compete for the iPhone X that is still dominating the day’s news cycle. Various reports saying about what the company’s planning for the next big thing. Just like the other Samsung flagships, people out there, especially tech enthusiasts are trying hard to see what is the company doing to prepare the new flagship. Thanks to that incredible effort that now we know some news about Samsung Galaxy S9 and the company’s plan to make a massive redesign of the upcoming Galaxy S9. Lately, we got some sources telling us that design includes the planning of using dual cameras on the rear. If you want to see more about this news, here is what we got about Samsung Galaxy S9 dual-cameras.

Dual cameras of Samsung Galaxy S9

The news cycle about the addition of dual cameras to the Galaxy S9 is started by Ice universe who tweeted that the back of the Galaxy S9 will change a lot. This Chinese leaker is known for excellent reliability when revealing covered facts of Samsung new flagship. Until we wrote this news, there’s no expansion telling us on how the back of Galaxy S9 will be changed, but we believe that the change will involve the addition of dual cameras. The dual cameras could be the same excellent as we seen on the Note 8 or even improved. This possibility comes from the dual camera pressure from a few big names like Apple, Huawei, LG, as well as the latest Google’s Superlative Pixel 2 camera. Well, it comes from our interpretation from that statement about the changes of the Galaxy 9 back.

Speaking about the back of the Galaxy S 9, there are two other potential areas where the company could also make some improvement besides the new dual cameras. The first area should be correlated with the fingerprint sensor. On the S8, the position of the fingerprint sensor is awkward and hard to reach. That’s why the successor of the S8 should improve by moving the location of this sensor into a more central to make it easier to achieve. And the last thing that can be a part of the changes is the necessity of using a mix of aluminum and glass. At least there are two potential benefits of this feature those are durability and capability of wireless charging. Smartphones with wireless charging are now becoming popular. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S9 might need it to retain wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Rear Shooter and S9 Plus with dual cameras

Rumors and reports regarding the future phone of Samsung have been around for months. We need to get the trusted sources to foretell the next flagship will be. Here, we have another source revealing about the otherwise possibility about the Galaxy S9 camera. Based on a report written on a site called Vtechgraphy, there is a chance of the Galaxy S9 will have a single rear shooter. On the news of this Chinese website, the single lens of the S9 will adjust the aperture, improving the size to let in more light in dark settings. The report even suggests that the adjustment will happen automatically, though the user has an option to use manual control over the aperture. While reporting about the single lens of the S9, the dual rear lens treatment is indicated by this site to be available in the larger version Galaxy S9 Plus. Furthermore, the report also suggests that the Galaxy S9 camera would have an aperture of f/1.5. It would be a significant improvement remembering the widest aperture on the current smartphone is f/1.6, as it is seen in some phones newly released this year. While the second lens of the S9 Plus is suggested to have an aperture of f/2.4, still based on that report.

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