Galaxy S9 In-display Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Scanner

Is In-display fingerprint scanner won’t be ready for Galaxy S9?

Samsung’s big name is taking much attention these days because of their planning to come out with a few big things next year. This company is reportedly working on the next big thing to be unveiled before the MWC. People have been amused by some rumors related to the company’s remarkable folding Galaxy X. Rumors and news out there are gathering as much as they can get to figure out what the new phone will look like to compete for the celebratory handset Apple iPhone X with all its excellent selling points. Besides that, the company is also reportedly working on another big excitement about to roll out with the Galaxy X, that is the new Galaxy S9. It would be the next generation of the current Samsung Galaxy S8 which has just arrived on the store shelves since a few months ago. As the successor of Galaxy S8 which is a gorgeous phone already, the S9 is expected to come with much better improvements. Moreover, there are a few things that need to be “corrected” on the current model. One of those things is the way it mounted the fingerprint scanner on the rear of the S8. Some reports are revealing the big plan of the company for the next S9. With the recent ongoing leaks, some of them are telling us how great the next flagship will be. Sadly, besides showing us the positive stories, they also give us a few things which are disappointing. Let’s see what the reports say about the Samsung Galaxy S9 bad news.

In-display fingerprint scanner won’t be ready

An announcement from ETNews which is trusted for its reliability recently reveals two disappointing tales about Galaxy S9. This report shows something annoying about the fingerprint scanner of the S9. For the last few months, rumors suggest Samsung Galaxy S9 come with a fingerprint reader that is integrated into the excellent infinity display. This technology is known as an in-display fingerprint scanner. The company is reportedly working on this technology for so long, that’s why it has been rumored to come with the S8 as well as with the Note 8. In fact, none of those mentioned handset has it. The bad news is, the company again failed to get this technology ready for mass production in time for the anticipated handset Galaxy S9. Thus, we won’t see it coming with the next generation of Galaxy S series. We will likely have it mounted on the back of the phone like previously. Let ’s just hope that the position of this fingerprint reader would be more sensible on the next phone than on the current model. The awkward placement makes it harder to reach when unlocking the phone. But we admit that the scanner on the current model is responding tremendously. Regarding this, we suggest the next flagship will locate it a bit more in the center to make it more accessible.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will lack Face ID

Is the title shocking you? Seemingly Samsung is not only disappointing us with the missing of an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S9. Recently, we got another announcement from ETNews containing information that reveals another bad news. It is said that Samsung doesn’t have the plan to rival to the excitement of Face ID 3D facial recognition system as seen on the iPhone X on their next Galaxy S9. The report says otherwise that the company will continue using the combination of an iris sensor and facial recognition using the front camera. Well, we don’t get surprised with anything about the lack of Face ID on the upcoming handset. Inevitably it is disappointing the Samsung fans to have the same facial recognition, again, which is considered less accurate and secure. Otherwise, iPhone X’s face ID is claimed even more secure than a fingerprint scanner. As we know, Face ID of the iPhone X is one of the significant selling points of the phone that allows the user to unlock the phone using infrared and visible light scans to identify his face. This technology is claimed can work under some conditions securely. Expectedly it can secure the phone much better than the other techniques.

Headphone jack will be missing

TechDroider reports that Samsung will likely ditch the round port on the Galaxy S9. On the site, it is said that the company plans to eliminate this round jack on both Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. So far, there’s no confirmation from Samsung regarding their planning for the phenomenon old jack. Whereas, a few big names have ditched it from their handsets for some reasons. Well, let’s wait to see the best decision about it.

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