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Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything We Should Know

Samsung Galaxy S9 Manual – This device will soon arrive in the first quarter of 2018. Samsung is rumored to launch two new handset, the Galaxy S9 alongside with its larger siblings, the Galaxy S9 Plus. We have the leaked photos, concept images, and renders of the handset just for you.

Release Date

Previous rumors suggested that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas next month. However, we might not see the handset on the event as a statement from Samsung’s representative has indicated that the S9 won’t be announced at the event. The Korea Herald noted that a spokesperson r for the company said it is unlikely the Galaxy S9 will be at CES 2018.

Well, it means that the Galaxy S9 release date has delayed and we can expect to see Samsung announce the S9 at the MWC event on March next year just like recent rumors have suggested. However, there’s no official statement regarding the Galaxy S9 release date just yet. This year, Samsung also delayed the launch of the Galaxy S8 and missed its habitual MWC launch date due to the battery problems.


Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to have a curved OLED display and dual rear cameras. The Galaxy S9 is also rumored to be launched with the Galaxy S9 Plus. A new report suggests that the Galaxy S9 series will have the same 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch dual-curved, edge-to-edge Super AMOLED Infinity Display.

Previous rumor suggest that the Galaxy S9 will no longer have its 3.5mm headphone port but a new report suggest that the S9 will keep the port. The Phone is also rumored to be powered by the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Other rumored specs include AKG stereo speakers, according to VentureBeat.

Samsung will also likely to put a new Exynos chip for customers outside US. The company recently unveiled the new Exynos 9810, so we can expect to see the new chip at the Galaxy S9 for non US customers. The Galaxy S9 is also rumored to have an LTE modem. The modem has t1.2Gbps download speeds, which faster than any other phone. With this speed, users will be able to download their favorite HD movie in ten seconds only.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is rumored to have 6GB of RAM inside just like the Galaxy Note 8. Meanwhile the Galaxy S9 will likely to get 4GB of RAM inside. Both phones will run Android Oreo.


As for the camera, the Galaxy S9 is rumored to be equipped with two 12-megapixel cameras just like those on the Galaxy Note 8. The cameras will also arrive with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) as well as wide-angle and telephoto lens. The Galaxy S9 camera is expected to enable to zoom to 2x without losing quality as well as enable a DSLR-style depth of field effect in portrait photos.

The excellent bokeh effect is also expected to be available at the Galaxy S9 camera app just like those on the Galaxy Note 8. Some reports suggest that Samsung will put the Galaxy S9 cameras vertically on the back of the device and will put its fingerprint scanner beneath the lens. The current flagship phone, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, have their fingerprint scanner near the lens. Well, the new ideas sounds better for users.

Meanwhile other rumor suggests that the Galaxy S9 will use 3D sensor front camera. A new leak from @UniverseIce claimed that the Galaxy S9 will have a ‘3D sensor front camera’. This means that the company might offer a new way to unlock your phone. Will we see the iPhone’s face ID feature on the Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Manual

Samsung Galaxy S9 user guide will guide you well in the Galaxy S9 trending topics from how to send a text message, how to set up an email account, Wi-Fi calling, to applications settings. The Galaxy s9 manual guide will also help you in camera settings, Bluetooth and other fun stuff you can do with your new phone.

You can download this Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus user guide simply by pressing this user guide icon. You can also download a printable PDF version of Galaxy S9 manual to keep with you on your computer or print out as needed.

Galaxy S9 User Guide PDF

Download Samsung Galaxy S9 manual in PDF and start using your phone. Reading the manual or Galaxy S9 tutorial before operating will help you to understand more about your new device. So you better keep it for future reference.

This Galaxy S9 manual guide will help you to learn about special and new features of the phone including Bixby, the new edge screen, flexible security, water and dust resistance and more. If this is your first galaxy phone then you can find how to get started, how to set up your device, how to assemble your device, how to customize the home screen and how to maximize the use of Bixby. Simply download Samsung Galaxy S9 user guide and enjoy your new phone.